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posted in Patch Notes

Updated May 27th.

● Updated English translations. Can be downloaded through the launcher.
● Implemented new translations: French (download here), German (download here), Russian (download here)

posted in Connection Problems

You have to uncheck the read only box from Contents directory where it applies the option to subdirectories as well.

posted in Connection Problems

Remove read-only from Contents directory in the path that you are given on the messagebox.

posted in General

Hey, of course you can! We don’t block any countries at all.

posted in Patch Notes

Updated May 22nd.

【Monster AI】
● Implemented target animation stance detection.

● Implemented teleportation to Criminal Camp if player has negative karma in Valencia.
● Reduced gear score karma difference by 5%.

In Progress:
● Implementing Guild War basic support.
● Implementing Maids.
● Implementing Fairy.

posted in Suggestions

And how will you prove that its your email? You can’t.

Furthermore the system that we are using does not allow changing emails, maybe in the future after core rewrite but not now.

posted in Environment

@likeflyboy We haven’t added “worldwide to send you to prison”, it is under consideration to be added. The nearest city is how it currently works. I guess in retail it should be a node, rather than city.

posted in Patch Notes

Updated May 20th.

【Monster AI】
● Improved animation sequencing.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes animation next action would not be executed.

【All Classes】
● Fixed a bug where you would constantly get Guard Crush animation.

● Fixed a bug where player would have a target that’s not actually nearly visible etc.

posted in NPC / Spawn

Fixed next patch.

posted in Character Classes

Fixed next patch.

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