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Release Date: July 21


● Implemented an experimental fix to prevent the game client from stuttering on older hardware since the release of the new anti-cheat update.


● Updated the links to the website in the launcher.
● In order to prevent accidental clicks on the Repair button, the launcher will now prompt the user if they are sure they want to repair the client, rather than going into repair mode immediately the moment the button is pressed.
● Fixed an issue where the launcher claimed that 50 GB of storage is required for game installation that was actually 30 GB, when setting it up on a new computer.
● When moving the launcher alongside the client files in Content folder to another computer, the launcher will now be able to detect if the user has the game client installed in Content directory of the launcher and proceeds to file check mode immediately.
● Fixed an issue where the launcher version would not be displayed in the header.
● Fixed an issue where the launcher would not be able to pick up a new client update if the version is 2 or more patches ahead.
● Fixed an issue where the launcher might attempted caching important data for client updates.
● Launcher trailer has been updated.
● Fixed an issue where the launcher font family and size would be changed by windows default and break the description screen during game installation.
● Fixed an issue where the launcher would sometimes fail to exit when installing an update and remain in memory.
NOTE: You may need to terminate “CrimsonDesertLauncher.exe” during installation from the task manager.

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Good day Ogrelians! Are you interested in becoming part of our amazing and dedicated staff? If yes, then you can find the application links for GM and Moderator below.

Take care when filling out each interview question on the application of your choice. Things are not always as they may seem. The Gamemaster and Moderator positions are positions of power and authority; individuals who are largely autonomous and able to have huge effects on the community and game experience as a whole. Each and every decision and interaction with the community made by a GM or Mod reflects the entire Ogrefest team.

Note that ALL Ogrefest Staff are REQUIRED to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and attach a VALID copy of Photo ID BEFORE they will be officially brought onto the team.

Gamemaster Application -

Moderator Application -

Please do not contact any member of the Staff to inquire about your Application Status. All applicants will be fairly reviewed and considered as per our own quality assurance standards.

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Release Date: July 16

● Fixed an issue where the game would freeze after the Terms of Service window.
● Fixed an issue where the new anti-cheat would slow down some of the game’s functions.
● Fixed a compatibility issue with new NVIDIA driver features such as Freestyle.
● Fixed a compatibility issue with some ping booster applications. Players using such applications will no longer get kicked from the game.

● The Anti-Cheat has been improved significantly.
● Implemented server status notification for our official Discord server.
● Implemented the ability to report a player (click on a player’s name in chat > press Request Chat Ban).
※ This feature costs 2 WP to avoid its abuse.
● Fixed an issue where “AM/PM” would not be displayed on restart message after entering the game world.

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Will be added soon.

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Delete “User Cache” from “My Documents” / “Black Desert”

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You have to get the gear from the NPC with Korean characters.

posted in Connection Problems
  1. Make sure that anti-virus is not deleting files from the download.
  2. Reinstall
  3. Repair files.
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It was written at the quest clearly that you have to take the quest from the NPC after you forfeit it, not from the black spirit.

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Updated July 7th.

【Monster AI】
● Disabled “Tomb” NPC’s due to faulty AI in Drieghan.

● Fixed an issue where mana absorption would not work on field monsters.

● Server stability improvements.

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