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After unchecking the read-only attribute just run the launcher again.

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Workers stopping work when you go offline or change characters is a feature of the game.
And transport is not bugged, is just an unimplemented feature.

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I recommend checking out our website, there are a lot of useful info about our server!

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When communicating with other users and staff you may not: Communicate any unlawful, obscene, harassment, racist or any such language, and/or imagery deemed inappropriate by OgreFest staff; Disrupt any feature of the Game, and/or any component thereof in a manner that is deemed negatively on other users including but not limited to, sending junk messages, repeated unsolicited messages, sending advertisement, and/or services for goods or services originating outside the Game;

Posted because it contains answer to your concern.
But to be completely clear: If you encounter such uncalled for behaviour once or twice, just utilize the in-game block feature.
However, if they go out of their way to logging to another account and keep throwing verbal threats or even resort to physical harassment with no forseeable end to it, then a GM should be contacted.

posted in Items / Objects

Unimplemented feature.

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Some of the skills are not Quick Slot available, meaning they are immovable, you have to use the displayed key combination for them.

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You should start getting rewards, that can be found on the Challenges window (default Y), on the 24th hour after your initial login to the Game World.

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None of the Value Packs you can buy from the Pearl Shop do not include Merv’s Palette themselves. However there are two that are bundled with them:

  • The 30 days version, which includes:
    1x Value Pack (30 days),
    1x Merv’s Palette (30 days);
  • And the 90 days version which includes:
    1x Value Pack (90 days),
    1x Merv’s Palette (90 days),
    15x Item Collection Increase Scroll,
    15x Valks’ Cry.

If you have purchased either one of the options available, you have to activate the Value Pack and Merv’s Palette (from the bundles or bought separately) from your Pearl inventory separately.

Merv’s Palette is a separate item, it is not included in any of the Value Packs that are available here on OgreFest.

Additionally, if you mouse over any of the Value Pack icons under the - Components section in the shop, none of the descriptions mention Merv’s Palette anywhere.

※ If you see a different description in your pearl inventory from that of under the Component section in the pearl shop, it is probably just a mistranslation for the latter.

posted in Support and Suggestions

This is a private server, not a sterilized laboratory. If you expect it to be bug-free, you are in the wrong place. :smile:
Jokes aside, there is this core that is still being rewritten, which takes up a lot of time and effort, not leaving much for other things (e.g. fixing bugs). Bugs are constantly being fixed however, and eventually most of them will get a treatment for sure, especially after the core rewrite. Maids and fairies coming soon.

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