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There is nothing to be fixed about something that is not even implemented in the first place.

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Good Day Adventurers of OgreFest!

Today’s maintenance is dedicated to update the client to its latest version from Korea. The focus is to repair game crashes and prepare OgreFest for the upcoming Guild Wars which is going to happen in the patches of the coming days. Future patches/hotfixes will also be posted in this topic as they are being rolled out.
Please refer to the following for the details of the update.

The estimated size of the update is 3 GB.


● Game Client has been updated to version 2100.
● Allowed player name length has been increased from 10 to 16 characters.
● All translations have been updated to the latest versions of their respective game clients.
※ Cash Shop and Challenges translation is temporary unavailable due to some internal changes.

【Monster AI】

● Fixed a bug which would cause special monsters to be unable to summon other monsters.
※ For example: from the scroll “Valtarra: Training Manual”. ("[Co-op] Proof of Courage" quest)
● Fixed default actor summon direction.
※ For example: Heilang and projectile spawn direction.
● Fixed a bug which would cause some monsters to not apply self-targeted skills properly.

【All Classes】

● Implemented accuracy scaling from retail for PvP.
● Implemented damage reduction from retail for PvP.


● Fixed a bug where the guild window would not update its description, notice, and other information if a user was not connected during the change.


● Fixed <Storage Keeper> at Duvencrune.
● Fixed <Stable Manager> at Ahib Conflict Zone.
● Fixed monster re-spawn times at Serendia Shrine.
● Removed dozens of duplicated Guards/Hawkers (around 5.000).
● Implemented all missing NPC’s (hopefully :pray:).
※ Some models and their facing directions will be incorrect, they will be fixed as development continues.
※ There is a chance that some NPC’s, that spawn dynamically and are required for certain quest lines, may still be missing. Please let us know here on the Forums if you find any missing one and we will issue a fix as soon as we are able.
● Weapon enhancement prices have been updated to Korean version.


● Security has been updated once again. If there are any incompatibilities, such as the game failing to launch, please report it on the Forums immediately.
● Fixed a bug which would make the client show TeamA or TeamB when an Arsha match has finished.
● Fixed a possible crash when killing players.
● Fixed a possible network lag when killing other players in a guild for distant players.
● Implemented “forcefully slaughtered” death message when the killed player is in a guild and no war is declared.
● Challenges have been completely disabled for Premium characters.

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Include each broken box specifically in the bug report, including both the box and component name.

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Can you get the Quest IDs of the three bugged quests?

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This is a Visual Bug only. It still adds the +1 Luck.

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We’ve acknowledged the issue, however as the quest is still completeable and a lowered EXP rate is not game breaking, it’s not something we have time to immediately look into. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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The issue is under investigation, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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It is not. No ETA that I know of either.

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Personal transaction has been disabled in the KR version of BDO, so basically the feature does not exist anymore.

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