[Fame] Life Fame doesn't increase

Description: My Life Fame is stuck at 1 even though I have every other Life Skills at a high/decent level, some of my guildmates also have the same problem whereas another guildmate have no problems w/ his Life Fame
Contact Information (Optional):

  • Family Name: Exion
  • Main Character Name: Kuraishi
  • Discord ID: Xyonic#3645
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Senior Game Master

It also looks like only the currently logged in character’s life levels count towards it. :thinking:
It’s 99 on my main character:

But on my old main it’s just 1 (although I’ve transferred most of the life EXP to my new main):

also, I think the life fame count may be incorrect. If it counts the levels of life skills the amount of levels a character have doesn’t match the number at life fame

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