Storage/inventory, can't sell anything

Hey GM and everyone,

I’ve been playing for 3 weeks around, i didnt that having 192 slot from VP was an exploit. I just play and use like it was one of the good feature the server gave us.
But since this afternoon, i switch character to move some stuff and check my storage and i was at 180/36.
I tried to pick some item from the storage, it worked. But i try now to sell some trash to empty a little bit my storage and i cant.
I made a short video to show you that. been using my storage for 192 and keep tons of materials. NOW it impossible to manage my storage with so low inventory since i can’t selll trash or things i dont want to empty them.

So now i’m screwed, really don’t know what to do in this game since i can’t make any transaction

Family name: MrXimus
Character: LordXimus

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You can get the stuck items in your storage by taking the items in the available slots out into your inventory, then drag&dropping the ones in the locked slots over to open slots.

I know this method but i have too much items to do that and not many inventory slot .
i have 3 cities with more than 160+ items, it almost impossible to do that

Dont’ have enough pearl, i was pearl on many things because i didnt know that GM will remove slot given by VP

i think they should inform new players, i saw max inventory and max storage given by VP, in my mind, WOw great server, dont need to use pearl for that, i can grind efficient.

AND now, my opinion is like: CRAP , only if i knew, i would have invest most of my pearl to extand.

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