Pearl Shop: Price cut for Cosmetics

Outfit prices are still high for the amount of pearls/hr we receive.

Concerning the items in which could be seen as P2W (Weight, Inventory Slots, Pets, Storage Slots, & Artisans), The overall prices are fine and shouldn’t be changed. But for the items that can’t possibly let a player be “p2w”, such as Player cosmetics, Horse cosmetics, and Wagon cosmetics. I do feel that those prices should be cut to a quick & affordable price for all players.

Considering that the donation option is down (for now) and that playtime & overnight AFK’ing is the only consistent source for pearls, this would let players feel like they’re actually playing on a private server with more than what retail can offer.

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Outfit boxes really are way too overpriced for just 10% combat & skill exp. Everyone should have the opportunity to style their characters the way that they want without needing so much playtime. Unless cron / cry extractions from outfits are going to be implemented in the future, I really don’t see the issue in bringing down the outfit prices.

The way I see it, I’ve been playing for a week and I’ve already gotten two outfits and 1400LT + 150 or more inventory spaces. I’ve been logged in most of it, even if I haven’t been playing. But I think the prices are alright for how little you have to actually play to get them.

That math is a little off, because even if you were online for 24 hours a day for an entire week, you’d only have 2,688 pearls from just AFK. If you purchased only the outfit boxes that are 560 pearls, you’re left with 1,568 pearls. For 1,400LT off of base weight + vp + 100lt belt (~550LT), you’d have to purchase 850LT, which is

  • 2 / 250LT’s = 1,100 pearls
  • 1 / 200LT = 460 pearls
  • 1 100LT = 250 pearls

Including the purchases of your said inventory spaces, I’ll be generous and say you only bought 2 / +16 Inventory expansions which is 660 pearls. That leaves you at -902 pearls, so even if you dropped pearl boxes, you still wouldn’t have a positive pearl count with what you just told me.

tl;dr no one should have to pay 560+ pearls for 10% combat exp.

@Salvation With the help of numerous pearl boxes, as well as this weeks rewards I have gotten all of that. And to be precise, I didn’t spend any on Inventory spaces as completing the main storyline with having a value pack as well as afking every night with strength training you can get around 1394 with only a couple weight crystals and a +80 LT belt. The way I look at it, if I have only a weeks playtime on the server and have what I’ve got with fairly little input on my end, it’s more than generous and you should have just about everything you need by a weeks end.

tl:dr if you’re logged in for around 15-20 hours a day (afk or not, which every real bdo player should be since so much of the game encourages idle play) you shouldn’t have a problem getting what you need.

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