Patch 4.0 - General major update


Good Evening community!
Today we have performed a maintenance to update to the most latest game client from Korean version. Most of the new features will come in future patches and we will use this version as our base. Please refer to the following details of the update in todays maintenance.

This weeks patch is estimated to be 4.3 GB.

● Updated client to 2024 KR.
● Fixed some missing translations (that are available on EU/NA but not on OgreFest).
● Temporarily disabled Cash Shop translations due to graphical glitches in client. Will be fixed in later upcoming minor patch.
● Implemented heartbeat for character creation.

Important!! As of this patch we are no longer using LanguageData_KR.loc but rather LanguageData_EN.loc; If you are using your own langauge patch, please rename it accordingly, furthermore due to some optimizations made to kill memory leaks server might need to be restarted few times to fix the error.

● Removed hard-coded client chat filter.

【All Classes】
● Fixed a bug where some skill addons would apply buffs to self instead of target.

● Fixed learning Absolute skills.

● Fixed guild notices and description.

● Fixed crash when buying items from a trade manager.
● Fixed overpriced items displayed while selling.

● Fixed buying workers from <Worker Exchange>.

● Players can no longer use /rescue in <Battle Arena>.
● Fixed <Battle Arena> entrance/exit.
● Fixed pet hunger level display.
● Fixed growth ranking display.
● Fixed red battlefield ranking display.
● Fixed some internal issues when checking disconnected player target.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes client would fail to recognize a party when user relogs.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes a player would not be disconnected, even if forced to.
● Implemented temporary fix for already connected characters.
● Implemented gear score calculation, it will be calculated as (Total AP / 2) + Total DP (Buffs nor set effects will not affect total AP).
● Improved Red Battlefield team balancing.
● Improved fall damage height detection.
● Improved out of range actor detection.
● Optimized network packet distribution for actor movement.

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Updated April 17.

● Fixed a bug where game would not start if you used a game controller.

● Implemented missing 200 challenges.

● Guild Rank will display family name instead of character name in the display.
● Fixed NPC’s that break user interface.
● Player saving will now be 2 minutes instead of 15 to prevent rollbacks.

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Updated April 18.

【All Classes】
● Updated air attack detection.
● Implemented additional battle stats based on battle score.

● Fixed absolute skill stats.

● Fixed learning absolute skills.
● Fixed absolute skill stats.
● Fixed “Flow: Gorr Roll”.

【Life Skills】
● Reduced tons of collectible object re-spawn times by 50%.

● Fixed “200%” display trading prices on notifications. Should have been 100%.

● Fixed “[Event] High-Quality Draught Box” item box.
● Fixed “[미스틱] 플로리 의상 세트” ([Mystic] Florian Set) item box.

● Fixed farming crash.
● Battle score will now be capped at 999.
● Battle score formula will no longer divide AP if no awakening weapon present.

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Updated April 19.

● Applied EU/NA translations for Cash Shop. Everything else will be translated soon.

Updated April 21.

● Server stability improvements to hold significant player increase.

Updated April 22.

● Fixed attack/cast/move speed exploit.

● Fixed some memory leaks.

Updated April 24.

【Monster AI】
● Fixed missing animation delays.
● Animation system improvements.
● Monsters can no longer damage Player using ranged attack if player is outside the attack range.
● Fixed a bug where some projectiles / summons would not do damage in arena if not flagged.
● Improved AI performance.

【Monsters and Players】
● Updated character rotation for damage checks.

● Fixed “[Lahn] Floree Outfit Set”.
● Fixed “[Dark Knight] Floree Outfit Set”.

● Implemented experimental Guild Wars for Game Masters (for extensive testing).

● Implemented experimental Arena of Arsha for Game Masters (for extensive testing). Please note that we will have a different implementation of Arena of Arsha than what retail suggests.
● Removed unnecessary messages when battling with summons.
● Some changes to respawn system to prevent spawning underground.
● Server stability improvements.

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Updated April 25.

【Monster AI】
● Fixed angle checks for monster damage evasion.
● Fixed animation delays.

● Fixed equipment slots for items like “Tritch Armor”.

● Fixed a bug where some skills failed to apply to multiple opponents.

● Gear Score formula has been returned to previous one.
● Fixed crash when deleting character.
● Fixed Arsha’s exit when match ended.

Updated April 29.

● Fixed item box "Kibelius Divinus Weapon and Outfit Awakening Set"
● Fixed a bug where sometimes you could not enchant using cron stones.
● Fixed cron-stone enchant count.

● Fixed arsha match state when entering.
● Fixed a bug where you could not leave arsha match after fight completed.
● Fixed a bug where UI of arsha would not be removed after removed from arsha.

Updated May 1.

● Homepage has been redesigned.

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