I'm New - Question About Pearls

How i get them? Somewhere i read by Staying Logged In…and donations…there are other ways?

sorry for the boring question

You get 16 Pearls/hr. Or, 8 every 30 minutes. Donation is down for now, but you can also drop boxes that contain 16 Pearls, from grinding mobs, and from life skilling. Drop rates are low, and I don’t believe they increase with Kama tree

thanks, so the only way to know if i’m getting from grinding…is “having a pet” XD bc i’m using a Berserker/Giant Class(my favourite with the striker) and i’m kinda “strong” for being a lvl 20 XD (in the official server i was 60 with kzarka tri, but i’m not lucky and now that i work i don’t have much time)

@Eerye What about % XP in party ? The guy who killed mob gain 100% and mates gain 50% ? or it’s 50% for each players in party ?


Should be the same as KR retail I’m guessing.

May you explain or detail please ? :)

@empyrea 1 player = 100%
2 players = both 50%
3 players = all 33.5%
4 players = all 25%
5 players = all 20%
Not sure if that’s 100% accurate, but it goes something like that

Guy if you dont know let GM tell us…

@Eerye Can you please explain

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