[Striker] Grapple Bug

Item ID: 2561 and 3042
Description: Both of strikers grabs are bugged, when you have someone grappled they can attack you through the animation as if they are not being grappled. It’s essentially not applying the grappled debuff.

Main Character’s Name: Cory (60 Striker)

It’s like this for some other classes too that have a long grab animation. Such as Ninja & Kuno, their Suicide fall doesn’t apply knockdown for awhile, so during the whole grab & spinny spinny they can just be hit AND CC’D. Classes that have shorter grab animations like Warrior usually do good in preventing the enemy from being able to attack while grabbed. A work around that I’ve found that you could do, is grab while they’re knocked down first. This way they can’t attack back, since they’re technically in a knocked down state still.

I don’t know when this post will get the attention of developers and GM.

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