Adjustment to how pearls are earned

As it stands, playtime is the only consistent source for pearls. Most players are obviously wanting to buy pearls in bulk, for outfits (that are outrageously overpriced for what they do(which is nothing) I might add)but donation is down (for now). This is my idea on the best way pearl earning can be revised, this way will promote Active Gameplay rather than leveling stamina and horses for 20 hours just to be able to afford 1-2 items. A strong incentive for players to stay motivated and look forward to their own personal future in OgreFest.

Firstly, cutting the pearl count to 12/hr rather than 16/hr. This will indeed anger some players, but it will also deter them from feeling like they have to afk just to afford anything. (I understand that some players can’t play longer than 2-4 hours a day)

Second, is creating a Daily (weekly for some) Goal System for earning pearls. Goals for every type of player, for example: (Pearl reward count is purely for examples)

  • Kill 850 Helms Post Mobs = 30 Pearls
  • Kill 1,300 Shultz Mobs = 50 Pearls
  • Gather 150 Maple Logs (account wide goal) = 60 Pearls
  • Complete 5 Daily Quests in Serendia = 20 Pearls
  • Process X amount of [Item from Processing] = 18 Pearls (Pearl count depending on rarity of item?)
  • For every 5 Horse levels gained after 15 = 20 Pearls (60 Pearls total) this is for those who can only AFK

Simple Achievable goals like these will most definitely increase active player activity, and will give players something to do daily rather than just world boss and afk till next boss spawn.

The Staff of OgreFest can even promote a “True Rookie Package” by offering Absolutely New players pearl rewards for one time things like:

  • Discover Heidel = 65 Pearls
  • Discover Calpheon = 70 Pearls
  • Discover Altinova = 80 Pearls
  • Discover Valencia = 120 Pearls

Of course though, players can attempt to exploit this by creating multiple new accounts, completing these goals and sending themselves pearl items. Obviously, the Dev’s would have to be more strict on IP Addresses with multiple accounts.

But what if players use a VPN to play on the new account?

  • I’m pretty sure they’ll just gift it to their main account anyway > track from there ezpz

Lastly, it’s absolutely impossible to see this method of earning pearls as “P2W” because there’s no paying involved, and absolutely everyone can earn the same amount of pearls as another player with enough time and effort, not just time.

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I prefer the system of falling out of pearls from monsters

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