Event on Weekends EXP

Is there any chance of happening 200% event on weekends? until the problem with the boost scroll is fixed.

I can’t play weekend…

You already lvl fast as it is. Only lvls that need grinding is 61 ~ 63, with my gs I can do 60 ~ 61 in 5 ~ 6 hours, double for 62 and about a day for 63.

I only have 350 gs.

@lynch what? 62-63 one day? just in your dream or u never reached level 63.

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Yes in one day. if you grind a total of 24 hours. @cirilla

As you only read half of the post, below that you can also see that the calculations are taken on 350 gs.

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@lynch from what u said, u don’t play Ogre. 350 gs u cant farm well at crescent, fogans or naga and Sausan is shit (lvl 60-63). About ur calculation are completely out of touch, trying to get lvl 63 at Sausans before say these things.

Sorry for the delay, but in all honesty this calc was taken by pirates.

I have level 61 Lhan in this server at 50% towards 62. Don’t say I’m not playing this server without any basis for your argument.

Just the fact that this calculation is taken by pirates with a gs of 350, only says enough.

Shultz can be done with 10% a hour on my current level and gearscore, which is 467 right now.

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Sorry, but i don’t agree with you. My m8 who got lvl 63 this week, grinding/farming at crescent, fogans, basilisk and Kama 6h - 8h per day and him took a week and a few days to get the level 63. So ur calculation about lvl 63 are wrong.

I got to lvl 62 with my Lhan and I’m 501 gs rn.

Crescents is 5% per hour, so if I would grind non-stop it would be possible within 20 hours.

Besides that, basilisks and Crescents are one of the worst places to grind for exp.
But understandable if you want the accessories.

Leave alone Kamasylve when you need 220~ ap to be efficient, and then it’s still slow.

Your friend should’ve grinded at shultz if he wanted to be faster.

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