[Knowledge] Watchtower Bridge

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Category: History I

Description: I’m already done with the Meeting an Orc Expert’s whole quest chain and yet Xavier is still not giving me any knowledge, the only pre-requisite for the knowledge is to complete the Meeting an Orc Expert which I’ve already done.

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There’s a specific quest you have to complete by another npc in the camp. I suggest just doing all the quests then you can go back and talk to him for the knowledge.

@Stroaker if you would spend a bit of time reading my post, it stated that I already have done the specific quest you’re talking about

well I guess I’ll just buy the knowledge at calph library

I think this one happened to me too. The prerequisite to gain knowledge is to discover a place but i got 3 missing knowledge about a place (Rock Post , Sand Grain Bazaar and Bashim Base) I already discovered those nodes and even looking at the BDOCodex the only way to get that knowledge is thru discovering the place. There are nodes in there where NPC gives the knowledge of the place but those 3 location that i mentioned didn’t have that option.

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