[Investigating] Bheg attack range still beyond his animation

His attack range is better now than it was before, but it’s still much larger than the area he’s striking. If this range is intended please do respond about it being so.

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Bump. Is this going to be fixed any time soon? Bheg can hit you even when he isn’t visible on the minimap.

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Bump. Bheg needs fixing. Attacks last longer with crazy range and bug your characters block or even make him sheathe his weapons.

As of 7/1/2018, I can most definitely confirm that something broke AGAIN with bheg for him to literally have unlimited range. I was able to go as far as the Lynch Farm Ruins node manager and still get insta killed by bheg.

Youtube Video

Bheg is still bugged, he gets locked on animation and can hit you in near infinite range. He ignores any type of block, and if he locks aggro on a player he won’t unlock even after the player dies. Also, if you are at a distance to try to avoid his hits, his animation doesn’t refresh (meaning you see him infinitely whipping) until you get up close. Furthermore, several times he just didn’t drop any loot. Is there any update on the current situation?

This bug prohibits especially new players from getting boss gear.

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