We have started to get a number of users who want to return to OgreFest with the new leadership take over. This means we will have to review bans given out by the previous staff.

By submitting this one-time only ticket here, you aknowledge that you are disclosing the full truth and any evidence to your claim within this post. If found out or to be believed that you are falsifying information, your account will be moved to the indefinite ban list and will not be recovered. You only have one chance at appealing a ban, if it fails to go through you may not submit another one.

Within the post please include the following info:

Discord ban / In-game ban (Specify then fill out available info)

  • Family name:
  • Main character name:
  • Reason for ban: (needs to be as descriptive as possible please include as much info as possible)
  • Evidence for ban
  • Evidence against the ban
  • Reason wanting to be unbanned

※ There is a lot of info required for a ban appeal to be considered for acceptance. If you love your account enough and regret your decisions, you will do everything in your power to get it back.

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