Patch 1.4 - AI Improvement

Hey there! There has been a quite huge code overhaul few days ago regarding AI, we have addressed some issues in this patch and we are still continuing to fix them.


  • Fixed a bug where Valkyrie & Warrior aggro skill would not make monsters aggro you if they are inactive.
  • Reworked Movement Engine for NPCs and Monsters.
  • Reworked Movement Engine for Players.
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs would not follow their waypoint after AI update.
  • Fixed a bug where players would not be able to summon scrolls after AI update.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would not target a player after AI update.
  • Implemented Monster AI movement around spawn location.
  • Improved Monster AI chasing algorithm.
  • Corrected incorrect target selection by AI combat.
  • Implemented Monster AI skills.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would be stuck and never move unless killed.
  • Fixed a bug where monster health would not be restored when returning to it’s position.

NOTE: There might be some unwanted bugs appear with this patch, like monsters less responsive, but we will try to fix it up by end of the week.

Developer note: We have seen some issues in-game regarding the new AI system, but also we have noticed a huge improvement by making a rewrite. One of them being is that monsters do not get stuck after a day of running, meaning we would only need to do a maintenance in a rather later time. We will continue to find and fix issues with the new AI system and as time goes by, it might be almost same as in official servers.

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Fixed a bug where player skill based summons such as [Sorceress] Blade of Darkness would not function after AI update.

This still does not work, as well as the flow part Cry of Darkness.

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@Fatality Hello! This will be fixed once again in Patch 1.5.

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