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I have issues downloading via the ogrefest client as it downloads really slowly, So since I couldnt download from the official BDO server. Is there anyway to convert these files to work with the ogrefest client?

When i select the files it simply scans and only reads about 20gb or the 50 and then tries to download the rest, which would take forever with the low speeds im getting from the ogrefest client.

please help as i would really like to join your server

thanks in advance

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Hey! Our players usually get speeds of 8 MB/s using our launcher. if you aren’t getting at least 1 MB/s, it means that something is wrong with your connection or it’s already at it’s limits. Try using a VPN and see if it works.

Although this is an old post, I have the same issue here. More than that, even when the installer shows speeds like 12MB/s, it is obviously not downloading with that speed. Another problem is that the download speed is not stable at all. On average, I think I can download 500MB/hour, which is horrible, considering that I already have the original BDO EU/NA client, which already contains all of the things necessary the play this version. So, in the end, is there anyway of downgrading the current version of BDO in order to avoid downloading files that I already have?

If you wanna play on NA/EU and on Ogrefest just make a copy of your game folder and point Ogrefest client to it, the client will then to a file check and downgrade to version 491, according to what the mods say its still a ~30gb download.

I second what the dev said. I think it’s your connection. I downloaded the game on 30-33Mbps speed on Saturday.

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