Pet feeding glitched

Description: When I go to feed pets their hunger bar fluctuates and does not seem to really fill up. It’s made attempting to level them a bit rough to say the least.


Family Name: Morgreth
Main Character’s Name: Carmon
Discord Name: Keneara <GM - Lighthouse>#2978

The best way to go about pet hunger bar is that, if they’re at 0%, they’re likely not. So just check them all in, then take them back out and it should be refreshed to its actual amount. For feeding, I’d highly suggest throwing cheap feed onto a quickslot key and just spam the crap out of it, feed about 50 and check in all > take out and then continue feeding. This has been an issue for awhile now, and I hope it’s looked at :smile:

Community Manager

I don’t believe “feed all” currently works as expected, but is it the exactly same if you use via skill slot or inventory one by one?

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