Lahn abyssal weapon with the Black Alloy

Description: Trying to combine the Lahn abyssal weapon with the Black Alloy doesn’t seem to work and just sits there endlessly processing.

Proof: Picture

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This isnt for the Abyssal weapon buddy, this is for the Delphad item you get through finishing the first 192 quests of the game

@saikouoso You are talking about Targak Steel Shard, which is working. In other words he is using the right item. I tested this too and it isn’t working.

As part of a quest you can receive from Abdul Jaum in Altinova, you can heat the Black Abyssal Weapon and the black alloy that he gives you to produce the Black Abyssal weapon box. The instructions are on the Black Alloy, but the process does not work. It fails to produce anything, and does not consume the ingredients.


Edit: Added screenshot.

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Need someone fix this, its very important for newbie that dont have a high ap weapon

Can confirm its not working. tried to melt for my new sorc but it resulted in infinite process.

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