Patch 5 - General major update

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Good Morning OgreFest Community!
Today we have performed a maintenance to update to the most latest game client from Korean version. The update was mainly focused around translations and future patches will also be posted here as they come. We would like to focus on class balancing for next few weeks as well. Please keep in mind that we are currently using old version of crowd-control system and not the new one from Korean version at this time. Please refer to the following for update details.

This weeks patch is estimated to be 3.6 GB.

● Updated Game Client to 2047 KR.
● Improved game client download system reliability.

● Translated 50% of challenges.
● Updated English translations.
● Implemented new translations: French (download here), German (download here), Russian (download here), Taiwan (download here).
※ Because that different languages require different font, some languages do break Korean translations therefore if you notice weird symbols or no Hangul (Korean language) symbols keep in mind that the font does not support them.

【All Classes】
● Air Attack damage multiplier has been reduced from x2.5 to x2.0
● Fixed incorrect air attack conditions.

● Implemented experience gaining from selling trade items.
● Fixed bad shop prices when selling to trade manager.
● Implemented item sell price decrease if item expired.

● Implemented Stable/Docks expansion coupons.
● Fixed opening wood furniture sets like “Winter wood furniture Set A or B”.

● Fixed a bug where Valks’ Cry Chance Increase would not be displayed correctly after login.
● Fixed Arena of Arsha’s player teams after being re-assigned to different location.
● Fixed red battlefield ranking display.

We hope to see you in OgreFest and have fun!
Thank you!

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Updated May 8th.

【All Classes】
● Implemented different fusion skill learning.
● If target is overweight, he shall no longer be able to be grabbed.
● Super Armor has been removed from grab skills.

● Fixed player party list display.

● Internal memory optimizations.
● Fixed Arena-Of-Arsha 200% starting rage.

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Updated May 9th.

● Download speed improved by 30-50% for IPv6 supported computers.
● Added CH-TW translation, can be downloaded from the main post.

● Fixed trade manager window.

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Updated May 12th.

【All Classes】
● Damage in Awakening form will now also be influenced by main weapon attack damage.
● Air Attack damage has been adjusted to only apply whenever a player is being sent into air rather than being in air.
● Fixed all skills with HP/MP recovery per hit.

● Updated item stats (Attack / Damage Reduction / Accuracy / Evasion) to latest version of the game.
● Corrected yesterdays update where items would have maximum stats.
● Fixed gear score calculation.

● Implemented Kamasilvia town storage.
● Implemented Karma reduction based on targets gear score and level.
● Karma gain rates have been reduced by 1.5x.
● Internal damage optimizations.

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Hotfix for May 12th.

【All Classes】
● Fixed damage in pre-awakening.

● Fixed a bug where players would not be able to lose ANY karma. (This issue was before this update today).

Updated May 14th.

【All Classes】
● Damage towards Horses / Carriages / Heilang has been reduced.
● Implemented damage coefficient limits for final monster item distribution to balance out chances between players for higher loot tier.
● Implemented additional accuracy from owner for projectiles and summons.

● Corrected weapons given for Kunoichi and Ninja classes from Kutum Sealed Box.

● If Player A attacks Player B that has negative karma, the karma shall not be reduced for Player A.
● If Player A and Player B are under flagging up period (hitting other players without ALT+C flagging up) then both players shall not lose karma if ether has killed each other while in flagging up period.
● If Player A is under flagging up period and player B without being flagged up kills player A, player B will not lose karma.
● Karma and gear score differential has been changed to be more aggressive.
● Default karma loss has been changed to 40,000.
● Maximum karma loss has been implemented and set to 120,000.

The following is being considered in future updates:
● If a player has from a range of -500,000 to -1,000,000 karma it shall be jailed, just like in desert, but this time globally.
● Implement gear enchant loss when in negative karma. Rates will depend on amount of karma.

In progress:
● Implement basic guild war support.

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Updated May 15th.

● Fixed a bug where collectible objects would not respawn.

● Damage from monsters to Horse / Carriage / Heilang has been increased.

Updated May 19th.

【Monster AI】
● Improved Monster AI performance.
● Improved animation sequencing.
● Fixed a bug where attacks would still be executed from monsters be sent even if player has died.
● Fixed a bug where AI would override animation sequence.

【All Classes】
● Improved Air Attack detection.
● Implemented “Invincibility” status effect.

● Fixed item “[Event] Venia Riding Attire Box (7 Days)”.
● Fixed item “[란] 유혈비 무기, 의상 각성 세트” ([Lahn] Bloodless Awakening Costume Set).
● Fixed item “[Witch] Floree Outfit Set”.

● Fixed a bug where client would think that player is dead, but is not on the server.
● Fixed a bug where after teleport (rescue / escape / exit arenas / etc) player would appear inside textures.
● Improved communication performance with server.

Updated May 20th.

【Monster AI】
● Improved animation sequencing.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes animation next action would not be executed.

【All Classes】
● Fixed a bug where you would constantly get Guard Crush animation.

● Fixed a bug where player would have a target that’s not actually nearly visible etc.

Updated May 22nd.

【Monster AI】
● Implemented target animation stance detection.

● Implemented teleportation to Criminal Camp if player has negative karma in Valencia.
● Reduced gear score karma difference by 5%.

In Progress:
● Implementing Guild War basic support.
● Implementing Maids.
● Implementing Fairy.

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Updated May 27th.

● Updated English translations. Can be downloaded through the launcher.
● Language packs: French (download here), German (download here), Russian (download here)

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Updated May 28th.

● Implemented Storage Maids.
※ Storage maids have increased capacity of 200 LT per move instead of 100 LT like official server.
● Implemented Transaction Maids.

● Fixed kamasilve’s blessing energy recovery.
● Fixed energy potions.
● Changed “The tax amount is invalid” to “Not enough money” for marketplace registration message when you don’t have enough silver to register.

● Implemented guild promotion.
● Guild Quest will no longer need 3 contracted players to start quest, but rather 3 online players.
● Now if players do not have contract, they will not be able to participate in the Guild Quest.
● Fixed a bug where Guild Quest would appear to be ended when fighting monsters.
● Fixed a bug where Guild Quest participation would be invalid if player received contract during Guild Quest.

● Implemented premium characters 99% (Premium character not appearing in Disconnect menu at the moment).
※ Premium characters can only be used in Battle Arena, Arena of Arsha, Savage Rift and Red Battlefield. Other things like: Questing, Accepting Challenge rewards, Party Find, Maids and others are disabled.
● Fixed a bug in gear score where AP would be divided if no awakening weapon is present.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes a player would not be able to spawn ie stuck in character screen forever.
● Partial fix has been added to fix some disappearing buffs when eating food. Full fix will be applied soon.
● Fixed a bug where you could escape RBF.
● Condition engine improvements.
● Battle Arena spawns have been updated.
● Implemented boss spawn notifier.

● Normalized prices for worker completion. Still says it would cost 0 pearls (client-sided bug), but it will cost some, but not as the amounts as before (Example 24 hours -> before: 290 pearls (NA version), now: 29 pearls (KR version)).

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Updated May 31st.

【Monster AI】
● Fixed possible server crash.
● Fixed possibly stuck monsters from quests such as Saunil Siege Captain, Org The Greedy, Lahn boss and many other bosses.

● Fixed system message when not enough energy for guild promotion.

● Fixed storage maid warehouse display.

● Drieghan to be added next week as a development region, as many data is missing, we would like to develop it over-time without slicing content for development.
● Guild Wars are scheduled to be added next week alongside a client update.

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