Patch 5 - General major update
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Updated May 12th.

【All Classes】
● Damage in Awakening form will now also be influenced by main weapon attack damage.
● Air Attack damage has been adjusted to only apply whenever a player is being sent into air rather than being in air.
● Fixed all skills with HP/MP recovery per hit.

● Updated item stats (Attack / Damage Reduction / Accuracy / Evasion) to latest version of the game.
● Corrected yesterdays update where items would have maximum stats.
● Fixed gear score calculation.

● Implemented Kamasilvia town storage.
● Implemented Karma reduction based on targets gear score and level.
● Karma gain rates have been reduced by 1.5x.
● Internal damage optimizations.

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Hotfix for May 12th.

【All Classes】
● Fixed damage in pre-awakening.

● Fixed a bug where players would not be able to lose ANY karma. (This issue was before this update today).

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Updated May 14th.

【All Classes】
● Damage towards Horses / Carriages / Heilang has been reduced.
● Implemented damage coefficient limits for final monster item distribution to balance out chances between players for higher loot tier.
● Implemented additional accuracy from owner for projectiles and summons.

● Corrected weapons given for Kunoichi and Ninja classes from Kutum Sealed Box.

● If Player A attacks Player B that has negative karma, the karma shall not be reduced for Player A.
● If Player A and Player B are under flagging up period (hitting other players without ALT+C flagging up) then both players shall not lose karma if ether has killed each other while in flagging up period.
● If Player A is under flagging up period and player B without being flagged up kills player A, player B will not lose karma.
● Karma and gear score differential has been changed to be more aggressive.
● Default karma loss has been changed to 40,000.
● Maximum karma loss has been implemented and set to 120,000.

The following is being considered in future updates:
● If a player has from a range of -500,000 to -1,000,000 karma it shall be jailed, just like in desert, but this time globally.
● Implement gear enchant loss when in negative karma. Rates will depend on amount of karma.

In progress:
● Implement basic guild war support.

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Updated May 15th.

● Fixed a bug where collectible objects would not respawn.

● Damage from monsters to Horse / Carriage / Heilang has been increased.

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Updated May 19th.

【Monster AI】
● Improved Monster AI performance.
● Improved animation sequencing.
● Fixed a bug where attacks would still be executed from monsters be sent even if player has died.
● Fixed a bug where AI would override animation sequence.

【All Classes】
● Improved Air Attack detection.
● Implemented “Invincibility” status effect.

● Fixed item “[Event] Venia Riding Attire Box (7 Days)”.
● Fixed item “[란] 유혈비 무기, 의상 각성 세트” ([Lahn] Bloodless Awakening Costume Set).
● Fixed item “[Witch] Floree Outfit Set”.

● Fixed a bug where client would think that player is dead, but is not on the server.
● Fixed a bug where after teleport (rescue / escape / exit arenas / etc) player would appear inside textures.
● Improved communication performance with server.

Community Manager

Updated May 20th.

【Monster AI】
● Improved animation sequencing.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes animation next action would not be executed.

【All Classes】
● Fixed a bug where you would constantly get Guard Crush animation.

● Fixed a bug where player would have a target that’s not actually nearly visible etc.

Community Manager

Updated May 22nd.

【Monster AI】
● Implemented target animation stance detection.

● Implemented teleportation to Criminal Camp if player has negative karma in Valencia.
● Reduced gear score karma difference by 5%.

In Progress:
● Implementing Guild War basic support.
● Implementing Maids.
● Implementing Fairy.

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Updated May 27th.

● Updated English translations. Can be downloaded through the launcher.
● Language packs: French (download here), German (download here), Russian (download here)

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Updated May 28th.

● Implemented Storage Maids.
※ Storage maids have increased capacity of 200 LT per move instead of 100 LT like official server.
● Implemented Transaction Maids.

● Fixed kamasilve’s blessing energy recovery.
● Fixed energy potions.
● Changed “The tax amount is invalid” to “Not enough money” for marketplace registration message when you don’t have enough silver to register.

● Implemented guild promotion.
● Guild Quest will no longer need 3 contracted players to start quest, but rather 3 online players.
● Now if players do not have contract, they will not be able to participate in the Guild Quest.
● Fixed a bug where Guild Quest would appear to be ended when fighting monsters.
● Fixed a bug where Guild Quest participation would be invalid if player received contract during Guild Quest.

● Implemented premium characters 99% (Premium character not appearing in Disconnect menu at the moment).
※ Premium characters can only be used in Battle Arena, Arena of Arsha, Savage Rift and Red Battlefield. Other things like: Questing, Accepting Challenge rewards, Party Find, Maids and others are disabled.
● Fixed a bug in gear score where AP would be divided if no awakening weapon is present.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes a player would not be able to spawn ie stuck in character screen forever.
● Partial fix has been added to fix some disappearing buffs when eating food. Full fix will be applied soon.
● Fixed a bug where you could escape RBF.
● Condition engine improvements.
● Battle Arena spawns have been updated.
● Implemented boss spawn notifier.

● Normalized prices for worker completion. Still says it would cost 0 pearls (client-sided bug), but it will cost some, but not as the amounts as before (Example 24 hours -> before: 290 pearls (NA version), now: 29 pearls (KR version)).

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Updated May 31st.

【Monster AI】
● Fixed possible server crash.
● Fixed possibly stuck monsters from quests such as Saunil Siege Captain, Org The Greedy, Lahn boss and many other bosses.

● Fixed system message when not enough energy for guild promotion.

● Fixed storage maid warehouse display.

● Drieghan to be added next week as a development region, as many data is missing, we would like to develop it over-time without slicing content for development.
● Guild Wars are scheduled to be added next week alongside a client update.

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