Are you guys planning on fixing...

Since the Patch 5.0 released, I think there would be some minor problems fixed, but they aren’t (I don’t see they are mentioned in the Patch Note). The visual problems of pet’s hunger bar and worker’s action bar need to be fixed. It is so inconvenient when I want to feed my pets but I don’t know how much I’ve done and their hunger levels just drop drastically to 0 in a couple minutes. It also hits the alert on the pet icon which make me feel a little doubtful about whether they are collecting or not. With worker problem, I’m fine with that because even I see that their bars somehow don’t increase, I know they are still on their work. LOL!

Please fix both of them, I think it is necessary.


Every single patch fixes minor and/or major issues. Hence why they are called patches in the first place.
The drastically decreasing pet hunger levels too, are exactly as you said, just a visual bug. If you Check your pets in and then check them out again, their hunger levels will jump to the actual value.
Yes, indeed this can be annoying, just like with the workers. These should be and will be fixed eventually, just have some patience.
The top priority right now is finishing the rewrite of the core, fixing major/game breaking (if any) bugs, so it is unlikely that all or most of these minor bugs get fixed in only one swoop. But rest assured, we will get there as well, with time.

Thank you for your understanding!

The hunger levels aren’t actually a visual bug. You have to check them in and out again to make them loot or receive the buffs from them again.

They will indeed jump back to the actual value. but life skilling with them for long periods of time have no purpose. Since the food levels deplete so fast even though they’re on cautious, and you won’t receive anything if they’re hungry until you check them in and out again.

I know this since my pets have +1 luck and +1 fishing. Besides the buffs, more often I notice this at world bosses that they don’t loot anything.

Seems like that the server always has your pets on “Agile”, even though the pet command is different

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