[Fixed] Mission ''Fairy Queen Theiah'' BUG or NPC does not appear!!

I believe that to continue the story missions of the game (like the missions of Drieghan) this mission is necessary, but how to continue if the NPC (Fairy Queen) is not in its proper place? If still it is not possible to continue the history, please Please, but if it’s BUG anyway, please fix it, because I really want to play and experience Drieghan.

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Most stuff related to Dreighan is not even implemented yet.

I hope it will be resolved soon, I really like this server, and with Drieghan update, not only myself, but everyone who plays on the server will be very happy and more excited to play. Please find a way around this.

NPC is required for Kama 2 Quest line, please resolve.

@Eerye this is listed in the Kamasylve 2 questline, i dont quite understand why it should be connected to drieghan.

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@Dlaiy Theiah, “Queen of Fairies”=Fairies=Dreighan
I don’t understand it either.

Also I don’t think it’s part of main Kama quest line.

Also read OP. :thinking:

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Alright, looks good then.


Fairy Queen is a Kamaslyvania NPC.

She is a part of the Kama quest line. OP said she was required to do Dreighan because you’re required completion of Kama Quest Lines 1 & 2 to start Dreighan.

Again, Please Resolve.

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This wont be implemented until Fairies are implemented. Furthermore this quest is not required for MAIN quest line.



Speaking to her is a required task in Kama 2. Dreighan can not be completed until Kama series are.

Please implement her and a Centaur Seeker spawn so players are at least able to do main quest lines.

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