Real Karma punishment/safe zone for world bosses

Okay, I won’t go too deep into this, losing karma doesn’t really have consequences besides “not being able to go into cities” (you actually can you just have to be careful), and it takes less than 20 mins to farm and become positive karma again. Dying doesn’t downgrade your gear/ lose you exp (cause people use elions tears) so there’s no consequence for this. I’d be better imo if youd lose less karma (lets say around 10 people to go negative karma) but you’d gear would downgrade if you die.

If it sounds too bad, make world bosses safe to say so, nobody likes to go to a boss, get killed when its nearly dead so a certain guild will definitely deal more dmg and get the boxes, get 1 boss aura and a few sharps/shards. It would take a few months until they get a boss weapon, and yeah they could buy but why not give them a chance as well? Sure they have like 0.001 chance already but when pked that chance is being minimized till its impossible to get the box, and only people from the pk group get boxes.

And no, creating a lv 49 alt isnt a solution, you need a shit load of ap and accuracy, and this suggestion is for newer players/players that dont have 500+ gs, how is a new player supposed to get 180+ ap and 200+ accuracy to deal a lil bit of dmg on a lv 49 and get the loot? If you dont have really good gear you wont get anything if youre lv 49.

So yeah, either make karma a thing, make wb safe (with the ability to pk like 2 times a week or smth), or give more boss aura (around 5ish) per boss. Its pretty much impossible to get gear if you get pked and get your chances minimized, I have nothing against pking and I know that it’s normal, what it’s not normal is not letting others advance. Been playing for a month and I barely have one boss gear (and I go to world bosses pretty much daily).

Anyways, don’t post comments like “omg yes that guild is…” or “stop crying” this is a suggestion not a drama thread, if you want drama go look somewhere else. Give it a thumbs up if you’re pro, and a thumbs down (and explain why in a professional way) if you’re against it.

Thanks for your time.

Starts same story actualy,first of all the only pvp currently exists on server is force pvp(since RBF is dead,and Node Wars not impemented), and basicly by addint that stuff it will kill the remaining pvp,and we should become lifeskillers cause of that without any pvp.Only thing i could apply its Safe Zone for WB’s,altho you mention newer players,why would newer players even go WB if they have low GearScore even tho they also use Elion Tears as same as we do to revive.I would agree with that idea with downgrade if only RBF could be populated and Node Wars could be a thing, but since they arent.Also we PK at WB’s not to get ourselves a better chance of drop,we PK cause its only remaining FUN for us since we have nothing to do(rather than farming 24/7 at spots).as i said if RBF could be a thing we would spend time at RBF.or make Karma recover harder to people could stay Red Longer.

Those who can easily kill you will not mind how much karma they have, even if it is -1000000. The greatest deterrent is just the town’s guards.

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