2 ideas that will blow up the server

we have a problem - a dead auction.
how to solve it? remove the restriction on 30 things, or do for example 60-90 things

still about a mile, if the pearl falls from the mobs, then why not add miles to the mobs? swill a reward for the labors

I also really look forward to fixing all known bugs, the administration does not comment on my posts, and I’m very uncomfortable

@lipuchka Checkout my suggestion on pearl earning, it supports Active gameplay, rewards hard work and consistent gameplay. :ok_hand:

Game Master

We are actively reading the forum threads and posts for feedback, suggestions and more.

Unfortunately we do not always have the time to reply on a thread due to the fast-paced work environment that running OgreFest is. This however does not mean that we do not read the contents of said thread, we highly value community input when deciding which feature to work on next or which issues to prioritize fixing.

Thank you for showing an interest in OgreFest, all feedback and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


You also have to take into account that our main priority right now is to finish the rewrite of the core that consumes most of our time, and thus which also leaves less time for bug fixing.

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