[Gathering] Gathering blood doesn't make bodies dissapear

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Gathering blood from weasels leaves bodies behind that can be gathered from again but without yielding anything (not even a window is appearing).
I know there are similar post but they are marked [Fixed] and this happened to me just now. (I’m sorry for no screenshot but i read the “How to submit a bug report” after finishing the game)

They disappear when you went out of the render distance, so around 150 units away. Looks like a visual bug.

I wonder what everybody means by “visual bug”. To me that would mean that a visual is missing / distorted. In this case though something isn’t working correctly and the body isn’t removed. I’m no game programmer (a programmer though and a curious one) but it seems to me that the communication between server and client lacs some data witch causes this kind of “no status refresh” bugs. I observed similar problems with for example the life skills levels indicators in character panel ( P key ) - they do not refresh when experience is gained but can be updated by reopening the panel. This most likely means that the functionality that refreshes this indicators works correctly when its called on opening the window but isn’t called at all when exp level changes… Well I’m sure this is considered a minor bug (and it is) but this kind of little annoyances / imperfections really chip away at the game experience and at how people might see the server quality. Devs are doing epic job and kudos for that to them. I just think that they should focus more on quality control before adding new content / functionality - otherwise such tiny neglects will backfire one day.

Not forgetting the great explanation by @Extraneis - thank you very much.

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