[Fixed] [Gathering] Mining resorces not respowning

ID: 10009

Mining resources not respowning near Velia. Especially Granite. Was gathering copper for quest and run out of stones to mine in minutes. They didn’t seem to respown even after about 45 min. I know there are reports pertaining to similar problems but they are marked [FIXED] - prematurely as it seems.

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ID: 10455

Potatoes on a field near Velia don’t seem to respown even after about half an hour. Reloading doesn’t help.

The respawn time of trees, plant and any typ of stones is either >24 hours or they never respawn.
But they are fully spawned after a server restart which happens every 24 hours.

Obviously a missing functionality. On retail it takes couple of minutes for such resource to respown. Hopefully this will be added soon because it makes gathering larger amounts of resources rather difficult and lifeskills are what really make me play this game.

Again thank you @Extraneis for the explanation.

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This issue should be resolved next patch, pardon the inconvenience.

@GM_Vermillion fantastic news and thank you for such a fast replay!

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