Negative karma gear downgrade

Official BDO has a feature that downgrades gear if you die with negative karma.
Many people are using this method to get relatively easier FS for gear that goes +15 when you try to FS. FS is a nuisance as it is with +15 being very common when building FS which leavse you with no other option than either extract the stones or try to sell that gear to minimize loses.

This how ever will also address the situation that is currently plaguing the server which is Tennka’s persistent PK at World bosses. Certain individuals from Tennkas decide to lash out of any1 who’s no a memeber of TennkaMaSou and killing them.

This would be mostly harmless but the way they are planning it, is that they start PK when the boss is at very low health (1%-5%) which results in bugging the boss which will appear alive when its actually dead, Thus being unable to loot the corpses, eliminating any RNG factor to get any item.

The system will ensure that any PKer will use gear they dont mind being downgraded, making it easier to fight back and not getting steam rolled, or not PK at all. Allowing new players to progress in the game if RNG is in their favor. And also will allow people to build easier FS, catching up to the veterans.

For your consideration :)


The system will ensure that any PKer will use gear they dont mind being downgraded

In the event that a Flag fest happens at a world boss, or anywhere really, what’s stopping the PK’ers from purposely dying with an extremely low gearscore to make the players who fight back, instantly negative? From then on it puts those who fight back in a really bad spot.

This is basically Karma bombing at it’s most extreme


We heard one side. I want to hear more opinions.

-Will this help newcomers?
-Will this “destroy” the current “pvp” in the server?
-Do people mind being PK’d at all?
-Will it be easier to FS?


  1. Yes this help newcomers
  2. The current PvP is basicly flaging, beside the rare fights for spots, the only PvP is at worldbosses which died with this change.
  3. I just mind when Im afk.
  4. Yes you get more FS on the gear you want to get high. Before you could stack the enemys tears, now you can just stack your own…
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