OgreFest can have a potential boom in players.

OgreFest is running what seems to be the most recent update before PA started doing these experimental changes.

Players are leaving the retail version of the game, and this private server is the closest thing to that feel.

But OgreFest is known to have it’s smaller issues and bugs that can make gameplay annoying.

Dev Team, please take note of this and react, cause now is a good time to get the game’s name out there.

Please invest more time into fixing the smaller issues that add up instead of attempting to add bigger content such as nodewars and do what you need to such as donation incentives if you guys need the funds.

completely agree with the author that it is necessary to patch all known holes and problems, I can not invite players to the server with problems, see their inconvenience in the game will be on my conscience

And actually about what I would like to see:

  • The maids
  • Correctly working pets and workers
  • Reset sharpening from 15 to 14
  • Dregan, fairy
  • Stones of kafras
  • that the monsters did not fall through the earth

perhaps there are still a number of problems that I forgot to write about, but this is all that is needed for a comfortable game, in my opinion,


This is a private server, not a sterilized laboratory. If you expect it to be bug-free, you are in the wrong place. :smile:
Jokes aside, there is this core that is still being rewritten, which takes up a lot of time and effort, not leaving much for other things (e.g. fixing bugs). Bugs are constantly being fixed however, and eventually most of them will get a treatment for sure, especially after the core rewrite. Maids and fairies coming soon.

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Can the core rewrite progress be published now?

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