[Partially fixed] Meahwa all the invincible skills and Stun skills can not work correctly.

Stun skill, for example
ID: 2058
Petal Drill I
KR name: 서릿불꽃 I
<a href="//bdocodex.com/us/skill/2058/?sl=1">Petal Drill I</a>
ID: 2067
Royal Rage
KR name: 역린
<a href="//bdocodex.com/us/skill/2067/">Royal Rage</a>

invincible skill, for example
ID: 1591
Chase I
KR name: 추격 I
<a href="//bdocodex.com/us/skill/1591/">Chase I</a>
ID: 1560
KR name: 개화
<a href="//bdocodex.com/us/skill/1560/">Blooming</a>
Hope developers and GM inspection and repair, thank you.

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By the way, the target knocked down by Meahwa can stand up quickly.
It doesn’t lie on the floor for 0.5 seconds.

Community Manager

I don’t think we have support for invincible skills. They prevent receiving damage correct?

Furthermore Stuns have been disabled somewhere back in September it seems. We will have a look into them soon.

Thank you for your reply.@lahn
But Royal Rage has no job at all. This skill is an important skill for Meahwa defense counterattack, and also an important part of skill combo.

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Community Manager

Invincibility fixed, stuns will be looked into soon.

Thank you very much for your high efficiency.:medal:

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