[Resolved] Can't ride horse bought from the market

i bought a horse just now but I can’t ride him

when i take my horse out It dressed pearl item and cant be ride,im sure its my horse

my id :CcMushroom
Family id:Chinanet

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Try clear your usercache folder and restart pc.

@standard-six i dont know where is usercache,i just restarted the game
can you show me the usercache? thank you

path is: My Computer - My Documents - Black Desert - UserCache.
Just delete inside folder.

Its strange, bacause a few people had the same problem and clear usercache and restarting pc helps them. Try remote collection on the stable maybe or I dont know then.

@chinanet You have to go to the Cache folder in where you installed OgreFest.

(Drive with OgreFest) > (OgreFest Install folder) > Cache > Delete whatever is inside.

OR Just delete the Character_Vehicle files.

alt text

@salvation It’s done, You helped. Thank you very much i owe you one.

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