Having trouble with "Access is denied" by urctbase.dll

Hey guys, so I’m trying to download this game then there was an error popped up all of sudden and I couldn’t find solution to fix it.

Thanks for reading this and please give me any solution if you guys have. :)


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Remove read-only from Contents directory in the path that you are given on the messagebox.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I believe the client has never downloaded that file so I can’t find it anywhere.


You have to uncheck the read only box from Contents directory where it applies the option to subdirectories as well.

Yeah I just checked that and the file still does not appear.


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After unchecking the read-only attribute just run the launcher again.

Yeah the problem just remains even though I tried doing that.


Whole Content directory, not each one individually.

Well, either your AntiVirus is blocking the download, or you have not enough disk space, or you could try moving to another directory and downloading from there.

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