when I try to access the time of the boss appears this error and I do not agree … I already saw players with the similar problem maybe they do not know that and because of this coherent UI library … I did not have this problem before … this happens also in the mini videos of skills on the k key


i dont use AV’s, my windows wall is disabilited


This issue is occurring on retail servers as well and we do not provide support for it. However, it does seem to be related with older operating system software that you are using.

Okay, I use windows 7 and however it used to work perfectly, in fact I do not know what to take … I will probably have to format the hd and by a more current operating system?

You should always consider to use newer Windows version, unless there is a reason why you refuse to update to one.

ok i will try update… if not fix try a new windows version, thanks

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