About "CC" after the latest version of the update

Youtube Video

I don’t know which part of the forum is suitable for the video, so I put it here.

I want you to see my sense of perspective and my helplessness.
This patch updates the new CC and occasionally turns me into a corpse. In the video, you will find that I have been unable to move and launch skills many times.
And this version of CC will cause more than 2 knockdown.
Lying on the ground, he has not yet stood up and been knockdown again.

My English is very poor, and language organization and expression ability is limited.
I hope you can understand what I want to express.

Community Manager

We are aware of this issue, however the new system is still being tweaked to prevent this issue. I hope you noticed the first time when we released it, it was about 2/3 knock backs and then reduced almost to none. This issue is related to somewhat desync and we are still working on getting it done properly thus this issue will be fixed sooner or later in upcoming days.

@lahn Thank you for your quick reply.

@lahn If you have time to watch this video, you may find some problems.
Youtube Video – [03:41..]

I would like to mention that the phenomenon of 2 knockdown is very frequent now.
I hope you will be able to observe this incorrect CC.

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