Marketplace Changes

Both options are terrible as it solves nothing. How about one change that will 100% fix it unless there’s a bot? Such as, removing any and all announcements of boss gears being placed on the mp? When someone sells a boss item, it’s 99% for a specific person and not some random posting. Disabling the announcement would prevent the entire server from hoping on the mp and sniping. This way only the seller and the one who wants to purchase it will know about the posting and if the boss gear is sniped somehow, that would at least point to bot usage as there would be no way for someone else to know about the posting unless they perchance happened to be browsing a specific armour listing at a specific time.

Yeah what Frzn suggested would solve the issue pretty easily in my opinion.


Because the Marketplace is not your exchange center. It is literally what its’ name is. The Marketplace. A place of fair trade for all who have the money to purchase. As such, these changes are only being looked at as a way to prevent actual bots from purchasing. There is no problem with a player quick enough to buy an item once it is listed.

You said items are being bought at inhuman speeds. Only things able to do inhuman speeds are script/bots.

Sure it’s not our personal exchange center but you see, we DO NOT have p2p trading. Nearly every mmo out there does not promote the listing of top gear. For example WoW does not have an automated system that announced some top tier item was listed. My suggestion was because of p2p trading being disabled. Since we cannot trade gear with friends or guildies (which is a feature nearly every mmo has in some form), I believe the system announcement should be disabled. How else are we supposed to help a friend or a guildie? If some form of private trade was implemented then sure, keep the announcements because then we could at least sell at the marketplace price to a friend but at the moment this is not the case. Again, other games do not announce gear listings to the world (the marketplace in those games arent personal exchange centers either), so I suggest the same here.


@SummerWon Reread my sentence, that is not what I said.

@frznbullet I cannot comment on P2P Trading, however the point still stands that this is the Marketplace and not a private trade window. I will mention removing item notifications, though.

Make a simple verification code with 3 digites or more for buy the most wanted items

my opinion


Password was tried before, didn’t work.

verify code not a password
is like a little image to digite

Add guild market place… so that some items you can just sell to your guildies
Tho i would be more up for preorder, but how can i preorder item that isnt in the memory of the marketplace?

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