[Fixed] [Request] Guard Locations and Quantity

So, it’s a known issue that the amount of guard spawns are far more than need to be. I’m requesting a reduction on the guard spawns and the removal of some guard spawns so that red players aren’t stuck in an infinite death loop. Currently it is possible that if you die in mediah near altinova or if you die near heidel that you will be stuck in a death loop on respawn. Even using the command /rescue, will place you just outside Olvia WITHIN aggro range of 5-6 guards and the only way to avoid dying there is to lower graphical settings so that you have a short load screen so that you can immediately V or use evasion skills to outrun the guards. Now I know there’s going to be some people saying “That’s what red players deserve, reee!!” but consider the fact that some red players aren’t red because thye run around pking everyone. We do have karma bombers on the server. Regular players grinding and minding their own business will be occasionally karma bombed and if they die before getting to positive karma, there’s a good chance they’ll get stuck in a death loop. I’m suggesting a removal of ALL guards from small nodes such as farms and from the middle of the road in random locations. Guards in cities is fine, but having guards at the /rescue location, and at random nodes is frustrating for some players.

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On another note, the guards deal far too much damage, players with 300dp can only be hit twice before death. In comparison, retail guards can be easily tanked with just 240dp

Have you tried not being red?

@frznbullet Guards do 20% of your Max Health, they aren’t influenced by your DP.

I agree, another issue with the guards is that they practically have a range of 20m, don’t have to go through the attack animation to register the hit, and they all strike at the same time. So 20% of your health per guard, and there’s like 6-10 guards per location of them. That’s literally just instant death, thus death loops at Town, Node and instant respawns.

@Lahn Guards either do not deal 20% max hp or there’s at least 5 gaurds underground in every square meter. I have been at full hp and everytime I have been hit by a single guard, I lose at the very least half my hp. There have been times as well where there are no guards around me and I suddenly go from 100% to dead. There is an issue with guards atm.

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We are now looking into the issue, and repawns/guards will be adjusted.

All duplicated guards have been removed from the game for next patch. Closing this, if anything, send me a private message.

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