Patch 7.0 ~ Prepare for War
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Good Day Adventurers of OgreFest!

Today’s maintenance is dedicated to update the client to its latest version from Korea. The focus is to repair game crashes and prepare OgreFest for the upcoming Guild Wars which is going to happen in the patches of the coming days. Future patches/hotfixes will also be posted in this topic as they are being rolled out.
Please refer to the following for the details of the update.

The estimated size of the update is 3 GB.


● Game Client has been updated to version 2100.
● Allowed player name length has been increased from 10 to 16 characters.
● All translations have been updated to the latest versions of their respective game clients.
※ Cash Shop and Challenges translation is temporary unavailable due to some internal changes.

【Monster AI】

● Fixed a bug which would cause special monsters to be unable to summon other monsters.
※ For example: from the scroll “Valtarra: Training Manual”. ("[Co-op] Proof of Courage" quest)
● Fixed default actor summon direction.
※ For example: Heilang and projectile spawn direction.
● Fixed a bug which would cause some monsters to not apply self-targeted skills properly.

【All Classes】

● Implemented accuracy scaling from retail for PvP.
● Implemented damage reduction from retail for PvP.


● Fixed a bug where the guild window would not update its description, notice, and other information if a user was not connected during the change.


● Fixed <Storage Keeper> at Duvencrune.
● Fixed <Stable Manager> at Ahib Conflict Zone.
● Fixed monster re-spawn times at Serendia Shrine.
● Removed dozens of duplicated Guards/Hawkers (around 5.000).
● Implemented all missing NPC’s (hopefully :pray:).
※ Some models and their facing directions will be incorrect, they will be fixed as development continues.
※ There is a chance that some NPC’s, that spawn dynamically and are required for certain quest lines, may still be missing. Please let us know here on the Forums if you find any missing one and we will issue a fix as soon as we are able.
● Weapon enhancement prices have been updated to Korean version.


● Security has been updated once again. If there are any incompatibilities, such as the game failing to launch, please report it on the Forums immediately.
● Fixed a bug which would make the client show TeamA or TeamB when an Arsha match has finished.
● Fixed a possible crash when killing players.
● Fixed a possible network lag when killing other players in a guild for distant players.
● Implemented “forcefully slaughtered” death message when the killed player is in a guild and no war is declared.
● Challenges have been completely disabled for Premium characters.

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Updated June 20th.

【Monster AI】
● Fixed a bug which would make monsters apply attacks multiple times instead of only once.
● Improved actor animation sequencing between different animations.

【All Classes】
● Down Attack detection has been improved.
● Down Attack shall now be prioritized over Back Attack (should still keep the same bonus effect regardless).
● Fixed a bug which would cause Down Attack not to be applied after certain types of crowd control attacks.

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Updated June 21st.

【Monster AI】
● Fixed an issue that caused some nightly NPC’s to not despawn.

【All Classes】
● Implemented “Speed Attack” damage type.
● “Down Attack” and “Air Attack” damage types now will only be applied by skills that specifically mention these damage types in their descriptions.

● Fixed an issue where the amount of Cron Stones required for enhancing certain items to TET was higher than the intended amount.

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Update June 23rd.

【All Classes】
● Implemented additional damage scaling against monsters and players (200 AP/DP+).
● Implemented additional damage reduction scaling against players (200 AP/DP+).
● Class damage scaling has been re-adjusted to match retail standards.

● Guild War is now available.

● Fixed an issue where you would be disconnected if you fight a player without a guild.
● Fixed an issue that was making nighttime NPC’s to spawn at daytime.
● Spawns have been cleaned up, if any NPC is missing, please let us know.

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Updated June 24th.

【Monster AI】

● Fixed an issue where specific actions would be executed infinitely when new animation started (for example: Urugon in the quest “[Co-op] Defeat Urugon”).


● Fixed an issue that caused alchemy time reducing items to not have any effects.
● Fixed an issue that caused cooking time reducing items to not have any effects.
● Fixed an issue where awakening weapons of players was not displayed.


● Implemented basic weather support for additional visuals in-game.
※ If you notice that your CPU spikes up a lot, or it is raining non-stop in any region, for example in Velia (extremely dark with biblical raining) and its vicinity, and only that one area, please let us know immediately either through the forums or our Discord server.

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Updated July 2nd.

● Fixed an issue where premium characters were still able to complete certain challenges.
● Added level up challenges back.
● Removed challenges that have been outdated for the Korean version in 2018.
● Ended challenges that were overdue their event date.
● Added a weekly combat / skill experience boost challenge.

● Fixed an issue where an older quest would not be removed upon accepting another quest from the Black Spirit that was to replace the old one.
※ For example: “[Solo] Narc Magic Sealing Stone” (should be cancelled) => “Weakened Narc Magic Sealing Stone”

Current development process:
● Rewrite of the Security Engine for better compatibility: 60%
● Rewrite of the Geometry Engine with proper navigation: 20%

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Updated July 4th.

【Monster AI】
● Fixed an issue where summoned monsters would not react to party damage when player is damaged.
● Fixed an issue where summoned monsters would fail to set target through player skills.

【All Classes】
● Fixed an issue where the attacker’s or target’s based field point (health and mana) skill damage would not be applied correctly to the target.
● Fixed an issue where skills using field points (health and mana) would not deal the correct damage in PvP.

● Fixed an issue where the attacker would not be able to absorb the target’s health via the skill “Divider V”.

● Fixed an issue where the attacker would not be able to absorb mana from the target, but the target would still lose mana.

● Duplicate monsters and NPC’s have been removed from all over the world.
● “Ogre” monster spawn time has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

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Updated July 7th.

【Monster AI】
● Disabled “Tomb” NPC’s due to faulty AI in Drieghan.

● Fixed an issue where mana absorption would not work on field monsters.

● Server stability improvements.

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Community Manager

Release Date: July 16

● Fixed an issue where the game would freeze after the Terms of Service window.
● Fixed an issue where the new anti-cheat would slow down some of the game’s functions.
● Fixed a compatibility issue with new NVIDIA driver features such as Freestyle.
● Fixed a compatibility issue with some ping booster applications. Players using such applications will no longer get kicked from the game.

● The Anti-Cheat has been improved significantly.
● Implemented server status notification for our official Discord server.
● Implemented the ability to report a player (click on a player’s name in chat > press Request Chat Ban).
※ This feature costs 2 WP to avoid its abuse.
● Fixed an issue where “AM/PM” would not be displayed on restart message after entering the game world.

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