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Greetings, Ogrelians!

It is finally time for another art event! Submissions for this event will run from today, June 23, until 1200 EST, July 7th. Rankings will be as last time, on a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place ranking system with the winners being selected by staff.

During this event you are to submit your art (BDO related, please include your signature in the picture) as a reply to this post, along with a short description of/inspiration behind your creation (optional). Note: Art submitted during the last event will not be accepted.

Also note that the winning art will be posted on our Facebook Page

1st Place:

  • Dandelion Weapon Box
    alt text
  • 1500 Pearls
    alt text
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle
    alt text
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle
    alt text
  • Gold Ingot 100G x3!
    alt text

2nd Place:

  • 1000 Pearls
    alt text
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle
    alt text
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle
    alt text
  • Gold Ingot 100G x2
    alt text

3rd Place:

  • 500 Pearls
    alt text
  • Gold Ingot 100G x1
    alt text

Winners will be contacted via forums for their family/character name they would like to receive the rewards on.

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alt text

My submission! :)

I partially succeeded in presenting my idea, but a lot of details seem to go missing when taking a pic on the phone. I had no other options. It isn’t anything grand and exclusive.

The location does not exist, these heroes are off-grid. I have not spent much time in the desert in this game, but I REALLY fell in love with the look of the area at first visit. It burnt these details into my head, which I put here. The heroes are scouting before performing a sweep. The sorceress resembles a bit of my current player-character, but the swords-man is nothing particular.

Sorceress stands ready, she knows great danger lies in this camp. The Swords-man is initially unsure if it is necessary to kill the little group, but stands at ease, since he trusts the sorceress. The cultists have set camp in a off-grid location to perform summonings at peace, unknowing of the presence of the greater evil. Off the distance is a figure, who is of great importance. He is assumed to be a savage cultist who was supposed to be put in grave. This man, by the woman’s belief possesses some power to bring back from dead. Here they are, to finally find out the truth behind this small cult of destructive savages.


As a devoted Witch player I want to raise awareness about the Summon Keepers and their danger when it comes to boss hunts.
Please, all witches and wizards keep in mind that your golems can attack other players without you activating your PvP on your own. There were many times when I was slaughtered because of this, do not let it happen to you.

Currently drawing on this and thought I give it a try uploading it here!
I started the drawing for myself and originally on the right side/corner is another character, but not BDO related, so I cleared it and duplicated the Sorc in Photoshop after scanning :3 Hope this is okay, as it is… >.< if not I draw another one °^° (there is an unfinished sketch between my drawing stuff :D )


Well - Sorceress for the win!
First I wanted to draw her in the desert, then Tarif, then Hexe Sanctuary with some skeletons in the background but in the end I was to lazy for so much details in the background and it’s now just a simple one with only a ground and a night sky with a full moon…
[don’t blame me for some missing details, e.g. the chains on the hat >.<]

@sulare said in Player Fan Art Event:

Tarif, then Hexe Sanctuary

looks good

0_1530384008401_WhatsApp Image 2018-06-30 at 21.38.40.jpeg

The idea behind this piece is a bit beyond the daily habits of the game.
This is more a painting for the summer that has finally arrived … and instead of jumpin into our swimwears and diving in the cold fresh ocean or just hang out with our real family and friends,
most of us just sitting all day long in Black Desert and farming or trolling players that passing near by… and the closest thing to the sea here is that sometimes the horse is falling
to it’s death into an random river and we forced to swim to the closest coast XD dont chu all just want to “drop all the weapons” and have some fun… as long as u can.

anyways… thats the 1st time when im drawin water, so its not perfect i know, i hope it will take at least any place XDD
and sorry that there is only 6 of the classes, i needed more time for that, well… maybe next time ;D

Creation By Kei Chan :D

alt text
(f.l.t.r. Mystic, Ranger, Witch, Dark Knight, Tamer)

Well this drawing is dedicated to some of our BDO characters as I believe that they represent best not only the game but also the community. Due to this, I believe that each character you create represents yourself too.
I mean what would BDO be without us?

Finally, I hope that at least some of you may recognize your own character or even your own guild in this picture.
Nevertheless, I will leave this to your own Imagination :)

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alt text


My inspiration for this artwork is my boyfriend (StrayCats) who invited me to play BDO ogrefest. His character is a sorceress while my character is a ninja (I haven’t awakened yet because I enjoy side quests too much lol). The costumes that I drew are actually our costumes in the game but I didn’t draw the demon mask for my ninja because I’m not fond of it haha.

The area for my artwork is inspired by Heidel’s fishing area (Heidel is my favorite city by the way) One of my favorites (other than taming horses) is fishing.

By the way, I drew black spirit in his chibi-quite form because I like it cute hehe.

Also, my ninja looks having difficulties with fishing because I’m so like that in real life too while my bf’s sorceress looks like enjoying my difficulty (quite teasing) because he’s like that too in real life hahaha.

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