[EVENT] Golden Egg Box MURDER??

Alright well this was an odd one. I completed the golden egg event quest for today and when I clicked to open the box it INSTANTLY KILLED ME.

I’m assuming this is not intentional…
alt text

Just realized there’s an actual format for bug reports. The “How to topic” is at the bottom of the forums so it’s very easy to miss.

Item ID: 16377
Description: I did the daily quest on my Dark Knight. Grabbed the egg, put it down, turned it in and received [Mystical Golden Egg]. When i clicked on the object to open it and ok to start rolling, as SOON as it started rolling, I died instantly. One shot. Ded. That is all that happened. I used and Elion’s Tear to revive after some moments of “wtf” and was able to claim my item but… still INSTA DEATH. Has not happened since.

Proof: Above ^^^^^^

Contact Information
Family Name: Awegasm
Main Character’s Name: Awegasm
Discord Name: Nana#2551

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Haha repent! For you have sinned!

qq all I wanted was a prize, mama goose said NAH.

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