Population and Channels

So I just started playing on Ogre and wanted to know if 1 Channel only works decent or is it too populated, which brings me to the question; how many people are playing on Ogre now in general? Just an estimated number, cause I think 1 channel that, at least yesterday, is mostly crowded isn’t really too great. I like the actuality with the KR client and all but I’d like to know if there will be enough players to interact and play with, but if it’s too much…again, 1 channel doesn’t seem that good but might just be me :D

Edit: Also forum activity seems to be on the lower side from what I can see, which kinda holds me back from going all in on this server for now. Really it’s just the channel + population that makes me wonder if I should commit or not :)

Edit2: The korean text is also kinda deterrent, especially in the pearl shop. I know most of the “older” stuff from retail but ofc the new korean stuff I have no idea about so yeah…maybe a way to get that in english or will it stay korean as that’s just straight from KR retail version so obviously w/o english patch?

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Ask this on discord, not many people use forums other than for bug reporting and suggestions really.

english translations are updated quite frequently and automatically downloaded by the launher afaik.

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