Worker's - Around Velia

Workers in Velia that are sent to work on the nearby farms don’t actually bring any gatherings such as potatoes on Loggia and Bartali Farm. They also don’t seem to re-do their tasks and we have to manually tell them every time, despite the amount of repeats being set to 50000 times (This however happens to all my workers, not just the ones from Velia).

Not sure about special named workers. My named workers like Alzath and Jugruta bring back items just fine.
But, it is known that workers will stop their tasks when you log out and change characters. So if you want your workers to go all day then you need to stay logged onto the same character all day long.
Also make sure that you have more than 2 spaces free in your storage so that you don’t lose any items from a task. I keep at least 5 free slots open in the cities that I have workers active.

I’m not sure, but most workers i had in velia were from gifts and archievments, i hired new workers and it seems to be working now. I can’t however say at 100% that what was causing it was the workers from daily rewards and so on. Maybe more people can give more input on their experience.

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