Save bosses spawn timers for daily restarts


Currently the majority of daily restarts happen at 4pm UTC and that does reset boss timers to 4 hours or something, probably to avoid exploiting crashes to farm them.
I know servers are in Canada and daily restart allows to push updates at a time devs can work on it but as a player who got UTC+2 time it makes it almost impossible during the week to do any boss because they always reset when I get back from work and spawn late during the night.

I would like to suggest different daily restarts when updates aren’t necessary which would allow more players to do bosses depending on their timezones.

As a side note I would like to thank the staff and community for the time they invest into this private server, as a developer myself and having past experience with old emulators I have a slight idea of costs and how hard it is to keep servers running with frequent updates.


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maybe saving the Boss spawn timers will fix the issue.

Quite true, it would solve the issue, allowing better boss rotation and do not impact restart times. I updated the title, thanks for your input.

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