[Invalid] Bug Balenos Meal Max Market Price

I am not sure if this is a bug or not. I’ve been selling Balenos Meal for a while now, and I noticed that the price in the info box keep changing. It started at Max 89K, and then it went to 134K and yesterday it was 118K. Now it is back at 89K Max.

Do Max values fluctuate?

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The listing price on the market does fluctuate. If you sell at max and people buy the item the max value can be increased. If you sell at minimum and people buy the item, the max value will decrease.

Just to be clear I am actually talking about the info box and not market listing. So when you hover over the item in question it gives you the max price. Example like the image below, I am in my house and the price is 86K and later on it can be 134K.

alt text

So this only occurs with Food items and items you create? The value of armor in their info box does not appear to change no matter what the market listing says.

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Bear with me, I do believe it is bugged.

The current best price of Balenos in market is 118K. There are 138 of them listed and all of them are mine. They are currently being bought from the market at that price as I get the money. I am the only seller it seems.

However, the problem is the info box says price that Max Price 86K and if I try to add more it adds at 86K. It also says in the market that the “Highest Registered Price” is 86K. This is wrong. The highest is 118K.

Here are images explain the bug at hand. I do hope you take another look at this.

Image showing market listing of 138 Balenos. Current Price is 118K while it says “Highest Registered Price” is 86K which is wrong.
link text

My cheap listing and the 138 Balenos.
alt text

Me trying to add more but price is 86K it says.
alt text

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