On NA you can have more than 2 officer i seen 7 + officers and these guilds seem to run better than just having two officers. i was wondering if it is possible to have the two officers increased as guilds become pretty harsh to manage after 30 people with A guild leader an two officers. I find it a bit of a pain as it means only three people can add people an i would rather have the guilds open up to more people allowing more people to join guilds an be managed alot easier as having more 3 peoples input in adding an removing this would make it having more than one timezoned guild easier to manage. as i have noticed from the guild i am leader of i find quite a few trust worthy people to be officers but it feels like im picking favourites even though i do see alot of people In guild having potential in terms being officers an this could help the server to expand . Was wondering if this could be looked into :)

Edit: forgot to mention that this would make it a bit more better interms of guild missions allowing when there is a few guild members online allowing more guild missions to be put up

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