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TOPIC TITLE: [Type]* Name of the item that is bugged**



Item ID: 0000 ***
Description: Please be as descriptive as humanly possible, and provide every information you have on the bug at hand.
Proof: Video(s), Screenshot(s), etc.

Contact Information (Optional) -
Family Name: Doe
Main Character’s Name: John
Discord Name: JohnDoe#0000

* The type can be, but not limited to: [NPC], [Quest], [Skill], etc. If applicable.
** Such as the name of the bugged NPC, Quest, Skill, etc. Required.
*** You can get any ID by performing a search on the related item (search its name) believed to be bugged in the Black Desert Database. If applicable.

Topics which do not describe the problem (for example: This quest is bugged) will be deleted without prior notice to you.

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