Weird error message pops up then everything stops working

Few hours ago, maybe less, this weird error message started to pop up out of nowhere on my screen. If I click on it, the game simply closes, but if I just put it away, everything in the game stops working from animations, spawns, every NPC and player disappears. I have no ideia what this is and it started while I was playing (It was fine just before)

Ps: It happened three time already while I’m playing and my other two friends aren’t having this issue. I’ll update if it stops.


It says that the files are corrupted. You should use “Repair” button on the launcher to solve the issue.

In the end, just like the way it started, it simply stopped by itself. And I didn’t need tor epair anything, it just… kinda gave up. Restarted again after like half an hour and it was gone.

Thanks for the reply.

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