[NPC] Stable Keeper won't use Mount All Skill Training Coupon

When I click on “train all skills” at the NPC, I get asked if I want to use the item so I just press ENTER, except nothing happens afterwards. Don’t really know if it’s a problem with the coupon or the NPC as a whole but it happens at multiples NPCs (at least the ones in Calpheon)

(It’s happening on my GF account, so I’ll link her name here. No, she doesn’t speak english, that’s why I’m here.)

Family Name: Tsukiyama
Main Character Name: Cian
Discord Nick: Shrek#8855

Did you wait for 1 hour for the training to complete? There is a timer on the right, under the list of the skills.

Well, last time she tried was 24 hours ago and nothing changed on the horse, so I assume it didn’t work. But I’ll double check.

iirc you need to leave the horse in the stable for 1 hour for the training to complete.

The All skill training coupon doesn’t work only the 1 skill coupon that train 1 horse skill.

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Sorry for being late. Was waiting for her to come back from work (she was filming so…)
But now that kidopitz27 said that, I think we have an answer.

So, nothing to be done then. Good thing it wasn’t even that expensive. And what about the other ones? Was about to buy one to change the appearance (of the horse) but now I’m a little worried.

Thanks to both of you, by the way.

Appearance change coupon and Premium appearance change coupon work. Furthermore skill change coupon, single skill train coupon, breeding reset coupons work as well.

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