[Solved] Options menu in korean, can I change it?

I updated my client for ogrefest off a korean version of the game, and my options seem to be stuck in korean. Is there a file I could delete and do a repair to make this english? Finding it quite difficult to tweak things right now. other solutions/ideas very welcome.

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Yip, set that to EN straight away. Nearly everything is in english (voiceovers/quest text), but nothing inside the options menu. Just want to turn up the graphics and get rid of my name overhead.

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Do you have the same files in your ads folder as on this image?

I do not. missing KR.loc (odd) and langVersion.dat

I’ve removed LanguageData_EN.loc and am currently running repair through the launcher. Slow going though for a 9.5mb file, suspect something has gone wrong. I should know more in a few minutes. Thanks for your help.

Fixed! I checked what matched the torrents files I found in temp folder. Turns out I had a KR folder and font in my prestringstable folder I shouldn’t have had.

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