[Droprates and Night Vendor] New players can barely get bossgear

Recently i have only seen 2 Boss Armor drops. 1 Griffon, wich is not tied to a scroll and easily farmable whenever you want and the second beeing Urugons Shoes.
Giath Helmets and Muskan Boots were regularily fund on the Marketplace in the early days of Ogrefest. maybe due to an increased population OR droprates from bundles decreasing because of client swaps or readjustments.
Long story short, it feels like many items are not as easily to obtain anymore for new players, then they were a year ago wich was a reason to play on the server.
I do not suggest increasing droprates for bossgear to a point where it stocks up in the marketplace or increasing it at all. This is what i would do:

-Adjust all droprates to x4 retail from recently. Over time droprates got increased on offcial servers (including KR) im not sure if that happens automatically with every client update you do since client =/= database

-Implement Night Vendor for a chance on Boss Gear. Enable the “Safe item” option for longer timeperiods than 15min. Maybe the entire Night wich is 45min OR permanent/next restart if possible.

-Spawn more “Bad” Bosses like Mudster/Red Nose with different rewards like, Crons Stones/hard sharps maybe gold bars. to give them Purpose aside from the trashloot they have now. Thats why they never get killed. Spawning them every 45-60min sounds reasonable.

-Make quests for Latent Auras REPEATABLE, currently can be done ONCE PER ACCOUNT and players have Aruas left but cannot use them.

-Daily or grindable Boxes or that will grant acessories over time even if NOT farming the designated area would give new players more income and indirectly help the marketplace to yield more.

maybe some of these ideas seem appealing :D

I agree with all u’re suggestions, but one thing is sure now it’s almost impossible to get boss armor gear, maybe increase drop rate but not like it was before devs need to find the middle to make that new player can still get them if they put time in it.

  • Latent Auras needs to be repeatable at least one per character or something like that or maybe add some kind of vendor or quest where u can spend latents to get gear or something.

  • Night Vendor will be great but i don’t understand something what do you want to say by “Enable the Safe Item option”

Hope they will see this post !! Good job posting this Gl & Hf on Ogrefest :)

@beltharion said in [Droprates and Night Vendor] New players can barely get bossgear:

  • Night Vendor will be great but i don’t understand something what do you want to say by “Enable the Safe Item option”

I think it’s something they implemented on official at some points, allowed you to bookmark an item on the night vendor for 15 minutes, only one per family, you could gather money and come back to him to buy your reserved item even if night passed.

I agree with the author, it’s quite hard to get any boss armor, rarely pops up on marketplace and when it does it’s disappearing almost instantely. Even opening tons of bundle isn’t that rewarding actually, though scrolls are actually quite easy to farm.

Latent auras allow you to get memory frags after boxes though, I wouldn’t change this behavior.

I am also afraid decreasing timers for field bosses will split the server, sometimes there aren’t even enough people to kill them and many spawn at the same time.

I remember someone posting an interesting idea about stacking “more loot rate”, (quite like failstacks) when you do bosses, it would be custom and might be harder to implement but you could stack it when you kill bosses either scrolls or field/world bosses and get nothing, until you get a piece.
Not allowing people to earn two boxes per boss would also be nice.

The problem is that we need at least make a use of those latent auras, it will be another motivation for well geared players to do bosses. Thx for the answer btw :)

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