How's the game here compared tot he retail one?

I write this 3d because i’m tired of playing in the retail servers and i’m searching for a new solution. First: the rng system in the retail servers is insane… you waste eons grinding and all that jazz just for nothing. Second: i love the live skills and craft but the result of grinding and crafting in the retail servers is insanely low… again, you waste eons for a result that is almost grotesque. Third: i have not much time to play so i’ll never be a “pro” player. This means that in the retail servers i was ganked billions of times, always oneshotted by high gear grifiers and i’m sick of it… Now the questions, reguarding play here in ogrefest:

  1. how’s the rng here? and the drop of enchanting material?
  2. i hope the drop for life skills is much, and very much, higher than the retail one… some feedback will be appriciated!
  3. are here high gear grifiers that gank you all the time you exit home like in the retail?

@trinciapolli Best you just try the server out yourself. Everyone’s going to have a different opinion, some more biased than others due to certain factors. But if you’re looking for at least 1 opinion, when I was playing retail regularly, I played OgreFest for 1 day to try it out. Then never went back to retail again. :clap:

  1. RNG for drops better. RNG for enhancing gear is a LOT worse.

  2. Drop rate is but drop amount isn’t. Trade is somewhat broken. There are lots of issues with workers. Imperial Trade and Storage Transportation not implemented yet,.

  3. No. Raids, yes.

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